Happy Healthy Me – Online Mindful Eating Programme

Imagine feeling nourished, fulfilled and satisfied. And no longer stressed about how, when and what you should eat.

It is possible to not feel crazy around food


Imagine being able to enjoy the foods you like without going crazy, bingeing as you promise yourself “this will be the last time”.

Do you regularly deprive yourself, succumb to temptation and then end up feeling guilty about it? Only to start a new diet again the following Monday.

Visualise a place where there are no more “I start on Monday”. But instead only a sense of peace and fulfillment, around your experience with food.

No more guilt and shame following you around after eating… No more bingeing or feeling out of control.


We live in an increasingly fast paced society, and stress is a big detriment to our health and happiness.

When our stress levels gets out of control, we often feel overwhelmed, anxious, tired and drained. And most of us tend to EAT as a coping strategy (consciously or not), then we berate ourselves for doing so, which continues to feed the cycle…

You know that diets and dieting doesn’t work.

Maybe you feel like you are caught on the never ending treadmill of  staying busy, often going from one diet to the next, yet never feeling like you are “getting it right”. Despite your drive for perfectionism, you still don’t feel enough.

Diets don’t work for a number of reasons, one of them being that they are often full of restrictive rules of what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat, leaving no room for individuality or flexibility.

They usually don’t address many of the other reasons of HOW & WHY we eat, which are equally as important.

Restrictive diets only address external changes, and do not honour your own inherent body wisdom.  It is important to start listening to your own body and truly feed it with what it is asking for.

Restriction relies on willpower, a pretty limited resource, and as we all know as soon as we find that we can’t stick to the rigid diet and “fail” we feel bad about ourselves.  This triggers what I call “the dieting mindset”, in which we comfort ourselves with food, to soothe the guilt and shame about not being good enough to stick to the plan, yet again…

And… then we continue to shame ourselves for this overeating too.

Constant yo-yoing with weight and food intake can also have a negative impact on our metabolism as well as our digestive system. (Never mind our mental health…)



 If you want to go from a place of eating from a diet-deprivation driven place

to one of self care this programme can take you there!

I have observed that how we feel about our bodies, and how we choose to nourish ourselves are really closely connected. How we feel, and our emotional state in general can definitely impact on our food choices.  The problem is, that most of the time we are eating mindlessly, on auto pilot.

As a Nutritional Therapist I believe in food as medicine, but I don’t believe in adding labels or assigning moral values to food, because this can all too easy contribute a disordered and stressful relationship with food and eating.

Instead of tuning in and listening to our bodies, we become preoccupied with “being good” and doing things “right”.

In keeping food and eating simple and enjoyable we can pursue a more relaxed, calm and flexible relationship with all foods. And when we are not constantly worrying about what, how and when to eat, it leaves us with time and energy to explore other things in life that can bring about joy and fulfillment.


This programme will help you put food and eating back as part of your self care and to let go of it as something to fear and stress about.


Bringing the art of mindfulness to the table gives you the power to integrate more awareness and compassion into your eating experience and to your life in general.

Practicing Mindful Eating has the potential not only to give you more satisfaction and less stress when eating. It will give you your power back, to decide how to act – not simply react. It becomes easier to be more satisfied with less, which often puts a halt to overeating. Mindful Eating creates space for choice. And that my friend is your super power!

Having insight and awareness gives you the chance to make different choices and to let go of what no longer serves you, putting you on the path to health and healing. You will be making food choices because they work for you and your body, not because someone else said to…

Mindful Eating is a beautiful way to help you engage with food and eating from a place of care and kindness, rather than that of dislike or rejection, or maybe even out of fear and anxiety. And from this place it becomes much easier to make choices that serve your health, and your body.

Ready to trying something different instead of just trying harder?

Pay what you want for lifetime access

What does the Happy Healthy Me Programme cover?


– A smorgasbord of choices –The Happy Healthy Me Programme will gently guide you, using a variety of tools to discover your Why, How & When you eat, meeting you where you are currently at in your eating journey


– All the info delivered directly to your inbox – The entire programme is delivered via email, no complicated log in systems, just a straightforward approach enabling you to take action immediately! And it means you can access it all from your phone too.


– A jam packed recipebook to inspire you to get creative in the kitchen! Inspiration usually doesn’t appear out of thin air, which is why I’ve included a recipe book with lots of colourful inspiration to help you get your kitchen creativity flowing.


Every three days you will get a new email giving you the directions for what to focus on over the coming three days.

Throughout the programme there are  recorded webinars (with an option of audio only), guided meditations + affirmations as well as supportive and informative emails to guide you through the process.


Me supporting you is just an email reply away – I am just a short email away from any questions you may have, and happy to give you support, should you feel you need a little extra guidance along the way.



No more dieting – A lot more living!