Linn Thorstensson

Nutritional Therapist & Body Image Coach

Hi and welcome to Straightforward Nutrition, my little corner of the World Wide Web!

I am so happy and grateful  that you are here.  I have been writing, photographing and sharing here since 2013, a few years after completing my 3 year studies in Nutritional Therapy in 2010.

My story with food and nutrition have probably been with me most of my life, due to my mother’s interest in this area, long before I was even born.

Like many people who are drawn to doing this kind of work, I too have a history of disordered eating and body image struggles, which started in my later teens and carried on well into my mid 20s. Today I would consider myself well recovered, grounded in following my own body’s wisdom and rhythm for nourishment.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey to find peace and freedom around food and feeling connected with my body. To learn to hate it a little less but instead to take good care of it, in order to live a life that is richer, fuller and more fulfilling than what it was when I was preoccupied with making my body be something it is not.

A little while back I wrote a somewhat “poetic” story of my journey of healing my relationship with food, eating and my body. You can find it here.

On this website you will find, info about the work I do; helping people break free from the chains of dieting, restriction, bingeing and body loathing. You will also find blog posts on the topics of such, as well as lots of colourful simple to make recipes, beacuse I love creating in the kitchen, and I love photographing food!

This blog is here to inspire people like you, to become kinder and more compassionate towards yourself. Hopefully it will inspire you to find ways of nourishing yourself and your body, in ways that feels good to YOU.

But, this space is also for me, to write, to explore and to express my thoughts, learnings and knowledge on how we can navigate this intersection of food, eating and bodies with nourishment of all kinds, in ways that feel good, honest and true.

“This work is a journey of homecoming”

My Philosophy

Long before I started studying nutrition I was interested in natural healing modalities. Yet I’ve also had an “unhealthy” relationship with food, eating and my body. I went from a fairly carefree teenager to one that was caught in the net of Diet Culture, believing that if only my body would be a certain size and the scales would show a particular number, I would be truly happy.

Over the years I have discovered that perhaps at the core of healing our relationship with food, eating and body is a journey of self discovery. A sense of trust and connection with our body. The courage to show up fully embodied. A homecoming.

In a sense my own journey is backwards, moving forward I’ve been learning and discovering in order to deeper understand why my past was the way it was…

I’ve trained in the paradigm “Food as Medicine”. To a large extent I believe this to be true. Our bodies need good quality food and nutrition to nourish our physical selves. However, when we look to food in order to nourish our spiritual selves, when we use food to try and “fix” ourselves and our lives, we lose the balance.

Nutrients by themselves can never fill the deeper desires we have for creativity, self expression and connection. Decoding this, to look beyond our cravings and body disatisfactions leads us on the path of healing, to a place of flexibility, choice and freedom. To a place beyond rigid rules and restrictive plans, to a place where you are capable of nourishing your WHOLE Self.

I use a multitude of modalities in my nutrition coaching practice, in order to tailor each programme uniquely to each and every client’s individual needs. I draw from my vast tool box gathered from my nutritional therapy training, my further certifications in mind-body nutrition, mindful eating and the many hours of mentoring and supervision.

Beyond that I also lean on my own recovery, self development work and of course each and every client I have worked with in the past who have taught me much beyond what the textbooks ever could!

Most of all I am here to listen and guide you on your journey of making peace with food, eating and your body.


If you are interested in working with me, simply reach out here.

I hold a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine

I am Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner (Mind-Body Nutrition), an MB-EAT practitioner,

and I also serve on the board of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) and The Centre for Mindful Eating (TCME).

Being a member of NTOI, I am bond by the Code of Practice as set out by the organisation.