1:1 Nutrition Therapy & Body Image Coaching

Can you imagine a life without constant worries about food, eating and your body?

What would your life be like if you could hate your body a little less?

Maybe you are like one of the many women I’ve encountered through my work; Someone who has done diet after diet, yet never felt like you were “thin enough”.

Or perhaps you have had moments of where the number on the scales made you feel happy and confident, yet what it took to keep your weight there was never sustainable, often leading to binges and a sense of feeling out of control with food.

Maybe you find yourself reaching for food to sooth, comfort or numb out from life when it all feels too overwhelming, too much. And even though it often temporarily work, it  also leaves you feeling worse about yourself. Hopeless.

Or perhaps you’ve struggled with an eating disordered in the past, and now are medically stable, yet you feel like you are still only living a half-life. You may be considered “recovered enough”, yet you yearn for more flexibility and freedom around food and to feel more at peace in your body.

If you are someone who would like to feel less preoccupied about food, eating and your body and long to live a life free of restrictions, binges and feeling at home in your body, you’ve come to the right place!

There is another way!

 Most of us know that diets and dieting doesn’t work, yet we are tempted to go back to it again and again, in order to regain an (illusionary) sense of control.

Diets are the strongest precursor to developing an eating disorder and equally play a part in disordered eating patterns.

If you are struggling with disordered eating; feeling like most of your life, your time and your thoughts are taken up by worries around what, when, how much, and what NOT to eat.

And / or your concerns about your body size and shape is stopping you from living your if fully, then I am here to tell you that there is another way!

Healing is possible

It is possible to heal, and to let food and eating take its rightful place as self care and nourishment, so that you have plenty of physical energy and metal space to devote to your family, friend and passions. Having someone to help, support and guide us through recovery is helpful, and can shorten the process. 

With help and support you too can re learn how to become an attuned eater and restore confidence in your body’s ability to care for you.

Healing your eating problems and dealing with your weight concerns, through curiosity, compassion and kindness mean you can go from being at war with your body to a place of truce.

Together we can decode the meaning of your food and body image concerns and bring back body trust.

Freedom awaits!

Instead of always fighting your hunger or feeling shame about our overeating, you too can find peace.

If you are tired of being caught up with rigid diet rules or constantly chasing an arbitrary number on the scale, I am here to help you arrive at a place of freedom and flexibility around food and eating, and peace with your body.

If you are curious, or downright ready (!) to let go of dieting and to stop the fight, but don’t know how – contact me, using the form below, for a free no obligations call, to explore how we can work together.


P.S I work from a non diet, weight inclusive prospective. This means that I will never have  you follow any strict diet plans, nor do you have to be any specific size to be considered “sick enough” to get help with your disordered behaviours.

Cost for consultations are:


€175 for Initial Package – includes 1 x 90 min+ 1 x 60 min consultations. Please note that they have to be used within 6 weeks of each other.

€150 Monthly Package – includes 2 x 60 min consultations. Please note that both sessions have to be used within the same month / 4 week period.

€220 Monthly Intensive  – includes 4 x 60 min consultations. Please note that all sessions have to be used within the same month / 4 week period.

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