Body Image Healing

Have you ever reflected on the correlation between how you think about yourself and how you treat yourself?

Often our body image, our experience of our body and how we see ourselves is the ground for the relationship we have with ourselves.

We all have a body as part of our human experience here on earth. However, the experience of having a body isn’t always positive, it can also be both neutral as well as painful.

Loving ourselves is a huge stretch for most women. This is probably no surprise given the (Western) culture we live in, where appearance and having a certain type of body is celebrated and hailed as the gateway to success and happiness.

It is also not all that surprising that a large percentage of young girls, as young as 5-6 are already saying that they wish to change their body. Or that an equally large percentage of adult women are obsessed about food and have dieting as their life purpose. It’s no surprise at all that we have body image struggles.

We all live in Diet Culture

We are all surrounded by these messages that our bodies are wrong, not good enough and that if ONLY our bodies conformed to the cultural beauty standards our lives would be radically different.

The paradox is that it is incredibly difficult to take care of something you despise, loath and perhaps downright hate (your body).

Maybe it doesn’t feel possible for you right now to imagine a place where you love your body, but maybe, with some support, it can be possible to learn to hate it a little less. Perhaps even arriving at a place of respect and care.

Body Image healing is an ongoing process. We don’t necessarily arrive at a place where we will ALWAYS feel wonderful about being in our bodies…

But, we can arrive at a place where we understand what “ I feel fat”, is truly about and where instead of punishing our bodies we respect them and make choices from a place of care.

It’s ok to wish for something different


Often our relationship with food and eating is intertwined with body image, which is why it is important to incorporate body image healing work alongside (or before or after) doing the work to of intuitive eating.

Remember, dieting is one of the strongest precursor to developing disordered eating and even eating disorders. And why do we most often start on a diet? Because we want to change our body…

If you are feeling stuck with negative body image struggles and it is impacting your everyday life and / or hindering your recovery, please reach out and let’s work together to ‘unstuck’.

Body Image healing is possible! Let’s work together.

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